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At Your Side Home Care Services

At Your Side offers a comprehensive range of licensed home care services

Your health and well being are our top priority! At Your Side is committed to bringing you compassionate, quality health care at home. We provide both long and short-term services through Medicare, Medicaid or third party insurance. All of our services are available on a private-pay basis as well.

If you need help understanding your home care options,

we are here for you.

Call or e-mail us, and we will assist you in determining the level of care that will meet your needs. Always remember: when you need us, we are At Your Side!

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Mission & Overview

To provide all individuals with the opportunity to remain safely at home in the community.

The mission of At Your Side Home Care Services is to provide all individuals with the opportunity to remain safely at home in the community.  AYS aims to increase access to health care services through the integration of advocacy and care management into the traditional home care model.  In pursuit of this goal, At Your Side will act with absolute honesty, integrity and fairness and will adhere to the highest ethical, business and legal standards.

At Your Side deeply respects our clients’ rights to self-autonomy and quality of life, and we are dedicated to encouraging them to actively participate in their care. This is achieved through the development of a customized plan of care that incorporates the offering of personal choices and sensitivity to client preferences.  It is with this approach that we strive to meet the needs of each and every individual that we serve.